Dear God

Tears flowing fiercely from

all the overwhelming stress.

No matter how hard I try

my life stays a constant mess.

Two steps ahead knocks me

ten steps back.

What have I not done to change

my my luck from this to that.

Taking on every tiring journey

whether wanted or not.

Crying silently inside giving

each one the very best

effort that I’ve got.

For once I would like my

life to just run smooth.

Fit together like a puzzle piece

snugly in all the right grooves.

Please god prayers

are once again being said.

Please help me find my way

I’m tired of seeing red.

No rest for the weary,

but I pray for some relief.

If things don’t ease up soon

I will be buried down beneath.

I always try my hardest to

spread about good cheer

Lately however,

I Just want to run away

and disappear….

Im starting to grow weary

I think I need some guidance.

I pray these words to you

with the up most sincere


Help me to find myself so

that I can rest again.

This constant state of dysfunction

has got to come to an end!

Dear God

Copyright 2019 K.Colquitt

All Rights Reserved


Lonely Space

On the edge of giving up

and going down


Hard to crack a joke when you

would have to talk through

clenched teeth.

With so many things to offer

the worlds a lonely


Praying for someone to come and

walk beside me to take up some

of that lonely space.

Hoping for a chance meeting

to bring that one to


I’m not getting any younger

lonely isn’t the place I

want to be.

I am far from perfect,

yes I have some


To think I don’t would not be

helping out my


I am not a trophy, more like

a medal but none the


I will never leave you to wonder

or having to second


I don’t want for much,

in fact I am easy to


I’m not afraid to ask for forgiveness

I will get down on my


Too find someone to fill that void

would be worth its weight

in gold.

Hopefully sooner then later though,

for I am not getting any younger,

I am getting old.

Lonely Space

Copyright 2019 K.Colquitt

All Rights Reserved


Not sure of where I’m going,

and don’t regret where I’ve been.

The only thing I know is,

I need some good times to begin.

Too many days filled with sadness,

I really need a break.

I want to live a life that is not

judged by my past mistakes.

Working hour after hour

with no time for ones self.

Running long and hard is starting

to jeopardize my health.

To say my life is happy

would only be a lie.

That would be like saying

Superman couldn’t fly.

Searching for an answer or

hoping to catch a break.

Something has got to give

before it turns into

too little too late.


Copyright © 2019 K.Colquitt

All Rights Reserved

If Silence Could Hear

I wait and wait for nothing to come,

not even a simple


Sometimes I wish I had no feelings

at all so my tears and I

could not fight.

Each day that passes brings

so much more depressing


I fight these demons daily,

and it’s just to hard

to explain.

When I’m left alone with too

much time to think it makes

my heart break.

If only silence had ears to hear

I wouldn’t be making these

same mistakes.

Maybe then I would have had

the extra support to help

talk me off the ledge.

If only the one I had cared for

hadn’t driven in

a wedge.

If Silence Could Hear

Copyright © 2019 K.Colquitt

All Rights Reserved

The Butterflies In My Belly

Butterflies were released

in my belly when I saw

your face.

Now rummaging through my

bag hoping to find some

tooth paste.

Contemplating if I should just

go ahead and try to steal

the first kiss.

Going over each angle

carefully so I will hit

and not miss.

The Butterflies are now

swarming and trying

to bust free.

It feels so refreshing to

have them again

inside me.

They may have been lost

but they were never


I am anticipating the moment

I might get laid down on your

bed made of cotton.

Senses getting aroused by

something as simple

as touch.

Knowing all to well if denied

it could later prove to

be too much.

So much passion has been

wrapped up inside

my soul.

I’ve been waiting so long

it was starting too take

it’s toll.

The butterflies manifested

as they were released

from their cocoon.

The moment you walked into

my life and it was you

I swooned.

The Butterflies In My Belly

© 2019 K.Colquitt

All Rights Reserved

True Love Is

True Love,

one so desired you would go

to all ends of the earth

to find just that.

True Love,

is unconditional and holds

no prejudice to whether your

skinny or fat.

True Love,

lasts forever and can

not be taken away.

True Love,

will always find it’s way

back home where it is

meant to stay.

True Love,

will never lead you into

the arms of another.

True Love,

can be felt by all those

around you and will

not try to smother.

True love,

Is once in a lifetime and

should always be


True Love,

will not fall astray,

nor dwindle or parish.

True Love,

will not hurt those that

accept it as it is,

instead of denying the truth.

True Love,

will conquer all by leaving

behind it’s very presence

as proof.

True Love,

will not cause harm if

it’s handled with care.

True Love,

will be the only love that’s

needed for it is genuine

and fair.

True Love,

Is for life no matter where you

are even if that’s miles


True love,

lasts forever for it’s love

is found deep inside

your heart.

True Love,

is worth every ounce of

energy that it may cost.

True love,

Is worth fighting for and

can never be lost.

True love,

will make life complete for

the ones it falls upon.

True love,

can not be forsaken for it will

remain in your heart forever

and never truly be gone.

True Love Is

Copyright 2019 K.Colquitt

All Rights r


Your Mental State

A clean slate means nothing if your mental state remains the same.

Especially if your still pointing fingers, instead of accepting fault if you were to blame.

It only tears down the innocent as they fill with more pain.

Instead of just accepting it for what it was, if in fact you really were the one to blame.

Your mental state can bring you down whether it’s known or not.

So if you want known just what it is you’ve got,

make sure you scrape off all the rotten left overs that fill your plate.

For it is then you will mentally allow yourself to take ownership of having that clean slate.

Your Mental State

Copyright 2019 K.Colquitt

All Rights Reserved

If Only Life Came with Instructions

If only life came with a detailed

set of instructions.

One might not be so quick to get

lost going the wrong direction.

Your choices are something that

gets set in stone.

But those choices are yours,

and yours alone.

Whether you choose to follow

or take the lead.

Your choices will be what

plants more seeds.

If your ashamed by your

choice of actions

Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate

what brings you satisfaction.

When your seeds start to

come up and grow,

will they die off?

Or prosper while stealing the show!

Life is not always clear nor is it

written in black and white.

Be smart!

Not ignorant,

so your seeds at least have a

chance in hell to live life right!

Life Doesnt Come with a Set of Instructions

Copyright 2019 K. Colquitt

All Rights Reserved

Waiting tirelessly to hear your voice.

Text message, Facebook, phone i will give you your choice.

Interaction several times daily then down to none.

Please tell me what it is I’ve done..

It’s quite simple your either in or your out.

But for the love of god please don’t ignore me and leave me hanging on in doubt.

Two seconds of your time just out of respect.

Too keep me or to cut me loose so I know what to expect.

Either Your In Or Your Out

Copyright 2019 K.Colquitt

All Rights Reserved

I Hate Myself Daily

I hate myself daily

I’m afraid to admit.

My feelings are real and

I feel emotionally spent.

My life is not bad,

but it’s not ideal.

Most of the time however,

I wish it wasn’t even for real.

I am weighted down

with lots of regrets.

Most of them I wish I could

move on and forget.

Unsure as to why but my

life is a dysfunctional


Which means it’s full of so

much unnecessary stress.

Too many irons burning

inside the fire.

Many days I feel weak

as if I’m about to expire.

Twisted and ripped apart

in every direction.

Feeling like I’m under a

constant inspection.

Watched under a close eye

as my every move is picked apart.

It’s truly upsetting and hurts

my heart.

If only they would worry

about the things they do.

We would all be better off

and it would hold true.

Made up nonsense

or passing judgment

Should be seen as nothing

more then repugnant.

I Hate Myself Daily

Copyright 2019 K.Colquitt

All Rights Reserved

Don’t Forget the Little People

Lord help the little people,

who many times get overlooked.

The very ones whose hard work goes unnoticed, and then are left feeling like they’ve just been took.

The ones who do the job

of many, but they never say a word.

The very ones who quietly

take it all in, but never get a

chance to be heard.

Always going with the flow never going against the grain.

Until they hit their breaking point, then their looked at as if they are insane.

Reality is they did their job above and beyond what was needed.

They work after hours off the clock doing yours too if it was what happened to be what proceeded.

They quietly do it because it was in fact what needed to be done.

Making sure it is always done right even if it is not much fun.

They pick up the slack where everyone else tends to fall short.

Not for any amount of glory just so you all come out good on the next report.

The little people that so often go unnoticed until they are no longer there.

The very moment in time when the rest of you realize you had not been doing your part, but only because the little people are no longer there to do your share.

Don’t Forget the Little People

Copyright 2019 K.Colquitt

All Rights Reserved